Who is Sensei Project?

We're focused on bringing valuable relationships back to the world of business by using all the tools at our disposal: strategic content planning, social media outreach, professional web designs, search engine optimization, engaging campaigns, and targeted advertising. We work alongside our clients to develop new ways to refine and amplify the impact of their stories and messages, and we’ve worked with everyone from individuals and start-up companies to global brands.

As your partner, we'll help you keep ahead of ongoing changes, stay focused on meeting business objectives, and maximize your use of social media and content marketing to connect with the connected world.

Whether you need a planner, a publisher, or an advertiser–we're here for you.

Sensei: Someone who knows, does, and teaches.

Project: a carefully planned collaborative enterprise with specific, measurable goals.


Get Trained

Whether you're just starting to explore the world of online social connections or you're trying desperately to keep up with all of its changes, we're here for you. Sensei means "teacher" and being a good teacher is at the core of our business.

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Are you ready to launch into social media but need help getting started? Do you already have a social media presence that does not seem to be going anywhere? Let’s get your social efforts moving in the right direction.  

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Need to turn your social media efforts up a notch or two? Whether you want to grow your following, increase engagement, or get your community to take action, we can help.


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